Core Features

Powerful FIX Testing!

Web Based

With just your web browser, build and manage FIX endpoints to connect your FIX enabled application. No downloads required.

High Performance

Stress test your OMS/EMS with executions or other message types.


Trade Equities, Futures/Options, Foreign Exchange (FX), Fixed Income/Bonds, OTC Derivatives and more!

FIX Versions

Support for all FIX Versions 4.0 through FIX 5.0SP2.


Multiple users within your firm have access their own FIX sessions.

API Access

Our Professional and Enterprise plans provide access to FIXSIM's developer API.


Web Based

With no software to download, simply configure and monitior FIX sessions from any desktop, tablet, or phone browser. Instantly create a FIX sessions ready for testing your FIX enabled application.

Always Available

With 99.9% uptime, access FIXSIM from anywhere, anytime without the need to maintain locally hosted testing solutions.

Monthly Subscriptions

No long term contracts! FIXSIM customers enjoy the flexibility of simple sign ups and no lengthy contracts.

FIX Protocol Client Testing

99.9% Uptime Web Based Fully Responsive Monthly Subscriptions