FIXSIM can receive orders of multiple asset classes for execution processing including equities, futures/options, foreign exchange, fixed income, and derivatives.


Each FIX Session has its own rules for handling incoming orders. By default orders are queued for manual execution. Using the Control Panel, a FIX Session can be configured to Auto Ack and Auto Execute orders received.

Execution Modes:

  • Single - Execute orders with 1(one) single fill.
  • Multiple - Execute orders with multiple fills (eg. between 2 and 10 fills)
  • Single Share - *Extreme volume, where order is filled 1 share at a time

Cancels and Corrects

FIXSIM can process Cancels and Corrects requests in both manual mode and auto mode. For manual mode, the Cancel/Correct request can be selected and with a right-click simply select "Accept" or "Reject." For automatic processing, each session can be configured to Auto Accept or Auto Reject a request.