Monthly Subscription

No long term commitments/contracts needed. Pay month to month and cancel any time. FIXSIM provides a powerful solution without the need for a complicated and costly implementation.

FIX Connectivity

Upon subscription, an IP address and port with FIX login details are provided to our customers. SSL connections are available upon request. Alternatively, FIXSIM can connect to your provided IP/Port. Once configured, the FIX session remains active for the life of your subscription. FIXSIM supports all production versions of FIX, with multiple sessions running simultaneously. You can manually add / remove / configure FIX sessions according to your subscription plan.

Control Panel

The powerful Control Panel allows you to peer into your FIX session(s) and modify the behavoir of message processing. You do not have to open the Control Panel for a FIX Session to be active. You can configure your sessions to :

  • "Auto Acknowledge" / "Auto Execute"
  • Set Execution Style: Full Fill, Partials, Extreme Volumes
  • View Messages Details, including FIX to English translation
  • Copy and paste FIX messages
  • Paste FIX messages with length and checksum recalculated
  • Manage Trades with Trade Blotter (Cancel, Cancel/Correct)
  • Send Algo orders via FIX ATDL
  • Stream Market Data Messages
  • Submit Orders
  • And much more...